I’m not really a professor, but I play one on Internet.

I’m a young married intellectual. I don’t hide who I am, but I don’t broadcast it either. If I mention “the Associate Professor,” “my associate,” or any similar formulation, I’m referring to my spouse.

When I say I am young, it means that I have no memory of Regan or the Cold War, but am familiar with much of 80s pop culture. Older siblings probably played a part in that.

I started this blog for many reasons, but the main one was to help me think and to help me write, so I can better understand and use words.

I speak Internet.  If you don’t understand a word or phrase, look it up at TV Tropes or Know Your Meme. Or Google it.

This blog is about everything and nothing. I think about stuff, it swirls and percolates, and then (eventually) ends up here. That’s the idea at least.

Many of the ideas posted here, especially the earlier ones, are partially formed and perhaps a little ugly to look at. I eventually plan on revisiting those ideas in an attempt to make them better.


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