Nintendo Appoints a Digital Strategy Executive – Nintendo needs all the help in can get in the world of networks and digital distribution. Let’s hope this position actually has some power to get things done. Also hoping he knows his stuff – Disney tends to be a mishmash of antiquated thinking and new-up-and-coming…

Speaking of Disney – A collection of products based on glamour sketches of various female Disney Villains. I kinda get a ’30s vibe from the styles. And yes, the Disney Store has its own pinterest page.

A Campaign to get Portal Lego Sets – Cuusoo is a voting platform for people to vote for sets that Lego may actually consider making, so it is in fact Legit. Proposal was rejected at first (licensing issues, I imagine), but has since been un-rejected.

Cold Stream for Left for Dead 2 is almost ready for launch – Cold Stream was unveiled for public beta around this time last year. We are working on Valve Time, though…

Steampunk Star Wars Outfits – Because reasons.

Classic Nintendo Delivered as Japanese Woodcuts – This has been around for a while, but is still being steadily updated. Rather fun and imaginative interpretations.