It has occurred to me that I still haven’t really made the purpose of this blog clear.

In large part, I started this blog for myself. My first post kind of touched on things, but I feel I can do a better job. People who meet me in person can often find my thoughts and though processes confusing. It may or may not surprise them to know that I often find my own thoughts confusing. This is an attempt, in part to address that.  I take my thoughts and try to pin them down for two reasons – because the act of writing gives some semblance of organization; and because having the thoughts set in a fixed form allows me to look back at them and reprocess the ideas. Therefore, many of my posts will resemble a “stream of consciousness.” In time, this sense may disappear, but it remains present for the time being.

Additionally, I want to become better at writing and expression. Words are a terrible form of expression, but they’re likely the best we’ll have for most of my lifetime. And I’m bad at words. If I take my time, and really work to refine it, I may have something that keeps me happy for a while, but I’m a perfectionist. I hope to get better at organizing my thoughts, at thinking, and at expression in general.

I also want people to think on what I have to say. I want discussion. I would love to have influenced someone in some way with my words. But those reasons aren’t why I post here. While I would greatly appreciate any of those, as well as a ton of other secondary and tertiary reasons, the traffic on this blog, as well as the effect on others, can be non-existent, and it will serve my purposes.

Many of these early posts may make this appear to be a gaming blog. I have no intention to remain focused on that subject, or any other subject. Games play a large role in my life, so I perhaps tend to think of them more often, but the direction of this blog has everything to do with where my mind takes me. Gamers are welcome to come along for the ride, or even ignore everything but the gaming posts, but this blog isn’t made with them in mind.

On occasion, I will revisit older posts and try to rewrite them, linking back to the original (for historical purposes). I welcome comments, for your own benefit, for my own, or for the benefit of others. The more discussion, the more opportunity to discuss, to clarify thoughts. Bear in mind, however, that most of my posts come out half-formed, and perhaps a little incoherent or poorly worded. I write to think, and to get better at thinking. If it gives clarity to others or leads to a productive discussion, all for the better.