I’d change the title, but it’s appropriate.

I’ve contemplated blogging pretty much ever since I’d heard of it, and made a few abortive attempts, but never followed through.  For various reasons, I’ve decided that now is as good a time as any to buckle down and actually do it, and, hopefully, keep to it.

In a sense, I’m writing this for an audience.  I’m broadcasting my thoughts to the intarwebs, free to be read by any who care enough to find them and pay attention.  On the other hand, I’m really doing this for myself.  My mind is constantly running on all cylinders, so I always have something going on in my head, but that’s usually where it stays.  I occasionally talk to people, but I get scatterbrained.  I also consider myself to be bad at organizing my thoughts, and afraid that I bore people.

As this blog is for me, a large part is just so I can get my thoughts out of my head and into a fixed form.  Hopefully, I’ll also be able to better organize them.  In the latter years of college, I started enjoying writing papers – they weren’t a chore, they were a way for me to really work my brain and share what came of it.  But no one besides your teacher tends to care about your writings, and the teacher usually only cares enough to assign a grade.  In fairness, some teachers seemed to really enjoy or appreciate certain papers, but, as stated, I tend to underrate myself.

Subjects will wander to whatever tickles my fancy.  There isn’t an overall theme to the blog, just whatever comes to mind.  What I write may interest you, but it may not.  The best I can offer is that everything I write had enough to it that it kept my attention.

Also, I’ll likely link to various things I find around the internet.  I forget that I notice a lot of stuff long before others, and there’s lots of interesting or entertaining things to share.


For some biographical data: I’m not actually a professor – it’s a nickname/alias/persona that’s managed to stick.  The me here isn’t the me you’d meet in person, but, in a way, they’re both “the real me.”  I’m young, happily married, and have a decent job.  I consume massive amounts of media, and have an equally massive backlog of media I intend to consume.  I used to hide my meatspace identity.  I stopped caring all that much, but I still don’t intend to volunteer the information.  Similarly, I have several aliases and personae, most of which I generally don’t mind being tied back here.  If you really care to track me down, there’s little I can do to stop you.

Anyway, welcome to the blog.  Hopefully it will be a worthwhile endeavor.